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Hotel Booking System

Multiple Connections. Real-time Inventory. Comprehensive Booking Management.

RevOlinks introduces a powerful and tailored hotel booking system that offers the ability to fully customize it according to your requirements. With its Responsive interface and intuitive infrastructure, RevOlinks gives your guests the ability to make instant bookings right on your website from any device. Integrating into your existing website is a breeze as our system is fully compatible with all web and mobile platforms. The system displays real-time up-to-date information about accommodation availability and pricing. Our hotel booking engine merges hotels from different suppliers under one name, filters hotels by location or price and display preferred hotels on top. You can accept reservations from multiple currencies as well, as our system supports diverse languages and currencies. Adding extras, such as breakfast or other special packages like conference rooms or sauna, or special requests like smoking rooms gives agents the flexibility to create a tailor made experience for the traveller.

Reservations are also automatically organized and paid for and you have the ability to cancel bookings if they are not vouchered. Credit allocated to agents can be distributed by creating sub-agents and sub-user. Our system does the work for you so you can focus on what matters most to you, your business. The hotel booking system creates enhanced transactional reports so you can monitor your business' growth. RevOlinks is a secure system that offers safety from online cyber threats and security breaches. Role based access also allows you to create user profiles and provide access to users on a ‘needs to know’ basis.

Salient Features of Our Hotel Booking Engine

  • Search adding markup
  • Option to search by different room types and number of passengers
  • Merging multiple supplier results in a single list
  • Filter of hotels by location
  • Filter of hotels by price range
  • 3D street view for the hotels
  • Preferred hotels on top
  • Quotation module for agents
  • Create sub-agents & sub-users
  • Modify search from the hotel list page
  • Display contracted hotels of the system
  • Facility to block on-request hotel listing
  • Driving direction facility showing location of hotel on voucher
  • Display Room amenities & hotel amenities
  • Search facility by location on map
  • Amendment request for the booking
  • Instant cancellation of booking
  • XML feed for the hotels to 3rd party clients
  • Direct inventories from various suppliers
  • Multi currency booking for agents
  • Results displayed in list view as well as map view
  • A detailed window showing complete hotel information
  • Provision to display the cancellation policy
  • Unique booking ID for every booking
  • Provision to link two bookings together
  • Option to send a special request to the hotel

Hotel booking system’s security features

  • Payment gateway security, to keep transaction data safe.
  • File upload security, to ensure only correct file upload.
  • One way hash code to prevent password decryption.
  • Two step verification for admin access.
  • Prevention of SQL injection.
  • CAPTCHA validation on all forms
  • Access level and branch level security.




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